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palm beach tan Reviews

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  • Palm Beach Tan Impossible Cancellation Policy

    My daughter joined Palm Beach in Knoxville planning to use it for a few months, but developed bad health issues from Lyme Disease.and had to return home 400 miles away. She went to the local Palm Beach in our city that would allow her to tan but would not let her cancel her membership at their location. They said her contract said she must appear in person at the original location to cancel. We have paid months of membership because of this ridiculous, unethical clause meant to rake in thousands of dollars in an unethical way. Any business that does this should be completely avoided... More...
    djo1962's Picture   djo1962    1 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid memberships and do not give them your credit card

    I was a member of Darque Tan before they sold to Palm Beach Tan. I am so unhappy with the way the assistant manager in the West Hollywood store treats long-time customers. I am trying to cancel my membership and I regret ever agreeing to an auto-debit with this company. My bank is currently disputing the charges since the merchant (assistant manager) was unwilling to assist in canceling my account. Do NOT agree to auto-debit with this company. I just want my membership terminated. I was told I could only terminate if I pay them $100. If I received $100 in tans, I might be willing to pay but... More...
    SocalGirl's Picture   SocalGirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Palm beach tan coupon

    I cancelled my contract with Palm beach because I used a $25 gift coupon that was emailed to me good for lotions and the girl at the desk sold me a lotion but didn't put the discount on. She said it will show up as credit on my account towards my bill but that I would have to pay the full price for the lotion. I thought it was funny but I didn't argue. When I went back to talk to the manager Amber and ask her, she had no idea what I was talking about and treated me like I was stupid. I paid for lotion I didn't need and forfeited my coupon as well. Stop sending me coupons and... More...
    (Spa Services)
    shelby12345's Picture   shelby12345    2 Comments   Comments
  • Palm Beach Tan is BAD

    The services I have here are horrible! I went to Club Sun before and never had any problems! Then when I unfroze my account they charged me more money to go there. There are two in my city and they both are horrible. No paper towels, and the towels they give have been DIRTY. I got in my bed and it would not start. I had to get back dressed to ask for help. Once they "thought" they fixed the bed I tried again. The fan was not working this time. So I just left. I can't believe they expect people to pay more money for less quality! I do not recommend anyone getting a membership... More...
    hodgeskrista's Picture   hodgeskrista    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wood Village Oregon location

    My experience has always been a low rating. Some are corporate some are franchise. My daughters and I have tanned there for years spent thousands of dollars. I think the owner Paula might be in financial distress- stopped carrying many products which led to my final straw. They have stated not to order online as none are legit so I ordered thru palm beach was charged immediately as time went by kept asking where the product was told Paula forgot to order took two weeks- when finally received it was the most watered down product and I should not order online? This is where they make big... More...
    Bobby1960's Picture   Bobby1960    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shady Auto-Pay clause

    I've tried to cancel my membership for months. I've called and left messages. I disputed the charges to Amex. I've talked to a manager. They just got the charges reinstated after submitting my "contract" that says.....get this.....I have to personally appear at a salon to cancel. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I've done everything humanly possible to cancel a service I haven't used in close to a year and they REINSTATE charges due to this clause? It's stealing....theft of my funds....fraudulently burying a clause in an agreement that has caused me grief... More...
    (Spa Services)
    jmschedler's Picture   jmschedler    5 Comments   Comments
  • So that's how they make their money!

    When you buy an expensive tanning package at Palm Beach Tan, what they usually don't tell you is that your money is only good for a certain amount of time. Meaning, the package that you buy expires! And quick! What?! What a shady way to do business. You made the money, I'd say why do you care how fast people use it, but it's of course because you know most people will let it expire and then buy more. And in my case, some health issues and traveling for work prevented me from tanning as much as Palm Beach thought that I should in that short period of time, so goodbye... More...
    mkinsman's Picture   mkinsman    2 Comments   Comments
  • Cancel membership

    I cancelled my membership at Palm Beach Tan in Winston Salem due to the location. I use to work in Winston but I retired. With the cost of gas I could not afford to keep driving from Walkertown to Winston for a 20 minute session no matter how much I enjoyed it. I suffer from skin problems & the tanning really helped. If you ever open one up in Kernersville I will join. The people are friendly and accommodating. More...
    (Spa Services)
    Wadex1's Picture   Wadex1    0 Comments   Comments
  • I love palm beach tan!

    I LOVE the staff here!! They know exactly what I need to get the results I'm looking for. The beds are new, big and the salon is always clean! I wouldn't tan anywhere else but here and I've been tons of places! You get what you pay for at this salon and I LOVE that you're never locked into a contract! I love that I have control over my membership and wherever I go, I can tan and make changes to MY acct. I truly think palm beach tan is the best corporate tanning salon company out there! More...
    (Spa Services)
    Buggin87's Picture   Buggin87    0 Comments   Comments
  • Forced to use automatic draft

    I'm not sure why PBT thinks it is good customer relations to force their customers to use automatic fund drafting from either a bank account or credit card. I would have purchased ongoing month-to-month packages for the next 8 months if I could have paid with cash, but was told I could not pay cash after the first month. In principal, I do not mind them having my credit card on file, but I DO NOT want them hitting it at the first of every month. This poor business plan of not accepting cash payments has now cost them 7 months of my business, because I will NOT be going back. More...
    (Spa Services)
    helwood's Picture   helwood    2 Comments   Comments
  • Palm Beach Tan Halsey Location Portland OR

    The customer service of this company is terrible. I signed up with Palm Beach tan prior to a vacation. That was my first mistake. The up-sell at this place is over the top. I signed on for a minimal tanning package. It was my understanding that the terms of this agreement lasted 1 year. In the fall of that same year, I had a skin cancer removed from my leg. At that time, the Dr. advised against tanning. Hence, I went on line to try to cancel my account. Well, you can't cancel on line, you have to go to the store. I went to the store, and explained that I would not be tanning again due... More...
    (Spa Services)
  • Too Many Negative Reviews, No One Tells The Positives!

    Not only was I customer at Palm Beach Tan, I was also an employee for quite awhile. I loved being a customer and enjoyed even more being an employee. After reading through these unfortunate reviews, it is apparent that too many people come on to these sites to complain, and not to congratulate. Many people complained the beds and lotions are over priced and don't work, but from numerous customer reviews and my own personal experience, I have to argue. Also, as for employees being rude and too busy to help, one must understand that many times there are only 2 employees on at a time to... More...
    (Spa Services)
    happytanner01's Picture   happytanner01    1 Comments   Comments

    at the end of this month i am CANCELLING my membership at Palm Beach Tan. I put a freeze on my account in the month of april, and in may i noticed that i had been charged for the month .. after not tanning all of april or may ! i went in and tanned 2 days out of the month of may .. (after all i did just pay for an ENTIRE month.) so i told them i wanted some kind of credit because i was under the impression that my account was frozen. the district manager told me that she would give me a credit but i would still have to pay for the two times that i tanned which was 24 dollars for EACH... More...
    cincygirl513's Picture   cincygirl513    3 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Tanning Salon. You must read this.

    Not only have I been left forgotten on several occasions when someone went to clean a bed - and then they got distracted talking behind the counter about their weekends - but I have been left in the bed and they didn't set the I burned. They don't train employees and they couldn't care less about customers. I was a member for 3 years and when I complained they didn't even call me back. So much for those thousands of dollars. Spend your money somewhere else. More...
    Sudsyswife's Picture   Sudsyswife    2 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Service

    Palm Beach Tan is one of the worst companies I have ever encountered. The employees are not only pushy and rude, but honestly do not care about the well being of their customers. They are all master manipulators and are trained to do so. I have personally seen from the inside that their employees are trained to lie to the customer, selling them lotions that may not even help the customer, just to make a sale. Most of their silver level beds have the same bulbs as their Gold, yet you pay about 30 dollars more to use the Gold beds. They also do not They are all stuck up, and often talk bad... More...
    ChaCha61's Picture   ChaCha61    2 Comments   Comments
  • horrible corprate ran company

    This company is a joke. They don't care about the tanners or about the employees. I used to tan there and I would suggest get out while you still can. The prices are a lie. They will tell you you are going to pay one thing and when you look at your statement you see they are ripping you off. I no longer tan there and am so much happier at my new salon. Also their fake lotion sales are a rip off. At my salon I can buy the same lotions for half the price! Stop giving into the lies of palm beach tan! Save yourself some money and find a better salon. For what they used to charge me for... More...
    tanner101's Picture   tanner101    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rudeness

    I chose Palm Beach Tan by Word of mouth. I came in today, 5/26/11 approx 2:10pm were I was not greeted friendly my Reachel n Terisa I beleave, after 6yrs of loyalty at mine n family's former tanning salon, is a total blow tht someone greeting could not greet with a smile n just keep chatin with one another! Rude!!! Plz contact me at I really want some feed back as to how I was greeted on this day! I'm well knownin redding ca, and have no prob by word of mouth spreading the word as I brought quite a few friends n family with me to Palm Beach. Will be exspecting a... More...
    (Spa Services)
    Pukas2's Picture   Pukas2    1 Comments   Comments
  • Palm Beach Tan

    I personlly think that Palm Beach Tan is a very high class tanning salon. I do believe you GET wat you PAY for. And its blows my mind that ADULTS have nothing better to do then go blow their money at a salon and then come home google Palm Beach Tan complaints and complain about their personal expectations of every TEEN AGE girl that works there.. YES you pay alot of money to tan there but thats YOUR choice. If you want to complain about customer service go somehwere that people are actually getting paid enough to WANT to be nice to you and not a tanning salon full of highchool and college... More...
    ShesDumb531's Picture   ShesDumb531    3 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Service - I've learned my lesson

    This is the fourth year (and last) that I have tanned here, reactivating my membership from the Stay and Save 3 years after that. The first year was great. The second year my credit card apparently expired and instead of contacting me when the charge didn't go through, they just kept racking up charges until I reactivated my membership in the spring. Last year I had problems with an employee who would give me grief for wanting to tan more than she wanted me to, just because (and she said it too) SHE burned easily and was afraid I would too. I even signed a consent and she... More...
    (Spa Services)
    cedwards1650's Picture   cedwards1650    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't Bother

    I went in to find out about buying some tanning and could never get helped. I stood around for a long time where apparently the only employee in the store that could help me was busy with two other customers. When the first person I talked to couldn't help me, I got the feeling it was going to be one of those high pressure, talk you into buying more than you want type of places. Stay away - not impressed! I left without getting any help. More...
    jwill1962's Picture   jwill1962    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bridgeport location Store#pdx005

    i went in to the bridgeport location on 11/26/2010 and i had a credit of $44 in tan dollars, and the sales associate was trying to sell me a lotion, well for one they are all over priced and secondly she did not tell me that the 25% discount does not apply towards tan dollars the lotion was $65 and was suppose to be 25%off well i ended up paying her an additional $15.71 and i didn't say anything, got to thinking she did not give me the discount that they were offering at that time do to the fact that it would hurt her sale so she did not tell me anything so i call back and spoke to... More...
    (Spa Services)
    clayton's Picture   clayton    0 Comments   Comments
  • Office Manager

    I just found out that Plam Beach Tan was able to increase my written "CONTRACTED" rate by $4.00 without consent. I signed a written contract that they could remove $39.95 from my bank account onece a mont. Now i find this went up to $43.95. How did i find out- looking at my account on line. no written notice. They inform me that this is a new mandated law from our president. You can not increase a contracted rate without written notice just becasue you have my bank account inoformation.I will be cancelling by contract this afternoon with plam beach tan. More...
    tscarber's Picture   tscarber    4 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertising

    I just wanted to go in and get $19.99 free tanning for a month. Well, the girl there told me it would cost $25 with a start up fee. I said, why would I get a package for $19.99, pay $25, when I could pay $4 more and get the $29.95 package which would have been an upgrade??? I was so frustrated. I just wanted one tan session and I had some fingerprint thing so no one else would tan under my name. WTF? Was this the CIA or a tanning salon? Ridiculous. WILL NOT GO THERE AGAIN. More...
    anon314's Picture   anon314    1 Comments   Comments
  • very unsatisfied

    I confirmed by phone I could tan for a month by paying $25.00 cash. I specifically told the employee I did not want anything attached to my bank account. I went to tan that night and was told no, I have to join with auto deduct for that amount, to pay for a month it would be $35.00. I said no how much to tan tonight, he said $10.00 or $20.00 would buy me a full week. So, I paid my $20.00 on a thursday night and asked specifically again, so I can tan from now until next thursday and was told yes. I did noth go back until the following thursday, I knew this was the last night, and was told my... More...
  • Palm Beach Tan

    Where to begin, first off the location I dealt with is the Palm Beach Tan on Beltline in Addison, Tx. I began by calling to ask how much for a one month membership, I was told $25.00. I specifically asked "OK so I can come in every month and pay $25.00 cash as a go month to month, I do not want anything attached to my bank account." I was told that was correct. I went in that night with $25.00 cash and was told, no I could join for $25.00 a month on auto deduct from my bank. I said no, he told me I could tan for $35.00 a month without a membership. I had $25.00 cash on me and was... More...
    BellaNoni's Picture   BellaNoni    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Tanning Salon!

    This place is worse than a car Dealership. First of all, the girl that helped me, looked like she had tanned every day in her life, and looked Disgusting. It made me want to never tan again! I only wanted to go 1 time and try the beds out, and she tried preasuring me into buying the Premium Tanning Package for almost a half hour. When I told her no, I was then treated poorly. WORST PLACE EVER!!! MORE OF A HEADACHE than ANYWHERE I have been! More...
    LaLaxa1's Picture   LaLaxa1    1 Comments   Comments

    Don't give Palm Beach Tan your bank account. I'd been a member for over a year and when I went in to cancel in person as instructed, they told me I'd not be billed any further. They continue to bill my bank 85.47. The owner of this franchise 602-667-6804 doesn't seem to care. I've had to resort to filing with the state and my bank to deny them. I'm owed over 600 in refunds More...
    KrisE's Picture   KrisE    1 Comments   Comments

palm beach tan Reviews By Product

palm beach tan Comments

Sonja23 says: (4 years ago)
Never go to Palmbeach Tan in Lenoir City Tn. I went there and there was no one there to open the store I sat an hour and never showed up to open. OK then I want to tan one day at 8:30 pm and then I go back next day at 7:15 pm and they wouldn't let me tan . so stupid. I can't go to tan at same time everyday. I have to go when I can. So disappointed in this place. Also very rude.

roxyblue says: (4 years ago)
I like it here they always run good specials and give you a free birthday tan any bed of your choice...all the staff are super friendly the lotions are outrageously priced but that could just be me because I hold a cosmetology license and get lotion super cheap. Hey its a business and a darn nice one thanks for the great service!

SUMMER517 says: (4 years ago)
PHENIX CITY AL LOCATOIN- I came in with a coupon for a $10 spray tan, and that was the only service I was wanting at the time. I ended up leaving with a sign up for 3 month service- that I didn't even realize was 3 months long, and that I would be charged $85 per month.. that's the most I have ever paid to tan anywhere, then once I realized what I had gotten "pushed into", it was too late to cancel. During the 3 months, I spent around $350- THATS JUST INSANE!! I am not even tan- and I found out this was because I was tanning in the wrong beds the whole time, but of course didn't find this out until I wanted to cancel. I was very interested in the stand up bed, its one of my favorites, and one of the reasons I agreed to get the best package- but it was BROKE THE ENTIRE 3 MONTHS. I was made to believe there were no lower level bed packages offered, so I felt like the most expensive package was my only option to get tan. When I called and complained a month before I cancelled, I was not offered an apology, was not told about a different way to tan that would be better for me, nor was I offered a discount of any kind. That was when I requested a cancellation, they said well you are still set up until July 31st, but if you want to cancel you will have to come in the store and do that (and of course this is because they want to try to talk you out of it, its all about getting as much money out of you that they can), but she only said to come in before the END OF THE MONTH- She never mentioned I had to come in before the 25th! I think Palm Beach Tan is the biggest rip off for a tanning salon there is. And if the staff is so knowledgeable, then why didn't they tell me a better way to tan, such as doing the level two beds in between the level 4's, they only mentioned this to me the DAY I CANCELLED. Then they try to charge me for another month, since I didn't come in by the 25th of the month to cancel, but that's not fair- when I spoke with Shannon, she said I only had to come in before the end of the month- which is a scam that they say that, because they know they will rope people in for another month.. such a scam, I'm so disappointed. Another thing that really aggravated me is that every time I came in, I would get lotions pushed on me to buy... just like car sales men do, bombard you every time you come in. So ridiculous, I will not use PALM BEACH TAN ever again, and I will NOT recommend them to anyone. I can get a better tan going to a MOM & POP salon for $30 a month.

sassygator says: (5 years ago)
I'm a client here in Cleveland Tn, The young ladies here all have been extremely kind and when I have had question with anything they were more than willing to take their time in answering them. Yes later in the evening it does get busy and the staff remain calm and let the clients know they will address them shortly. I have never seen rudeness from my salon staff. Beds are huge and maintained. Yes a bit pricey however your welcome to bring in your own lotion but purchase your own eye protection for eye health care. I love my friendly staff. These girls are so funny. You pay for high quality.

arlingtonmamma says: (6 years ago)
I don't know where all of the locations are that people are complaining about and the poor customer service , I had a billing question I submitted online and was answered promptly.
I have never been in the nort arlington, texas Lincoln Square location that I have not been greeted politely and promptly.
The beds are stellar and I moved to Palm Beach from my former tanning location and while it is 10.00 more per month I feel that it is worth every penny.
The girl who signed me up did not push product on me she did ask if I had lotion and responsibly so she let me know the dangers of tanning without proper lotion for body and face.
I have never seen any other customers be treated poorly . I think some people expect a full conversation by the staff, they have other things to do than chat it up with each customer.
I am 100% satisfied and I am glad that I signed up there.

anon93 says: (6 years ago)
I had called in and spoke to someone at the front desk in January to freeze my account. She said she could do so, although she was wrong. I did not notice my account being drafted in the following month of Feb, but caught it in March. I explained my situation to the manager, and all she could do was credit my account for one of the months that I'd lost. They take no responsibility for their employee's mistake, and I will no longer be tanning here. On a lighter note the employees are friendly, but aparently do not always follow proper procedures, resulting in me being out of over $100. It is very evident they do not value their customer's dollar, and that is one of the worst qualities for a business-especially in times like these-.

beach92 says: (7 years ago)
personally i love palm beach tan.and for all you "adults" posting on this website, you should stop complaining. you say they "ripped you off" because they charged youan extra $5 a month? well no shit. its called a 10% tan tax due to the health reform. know your facts..and they are not trianed to lie either. their trained to sell because that is theit job...and the lotions are a little expensive because its a business that needs to make money. and if your getting lotion for cheaper its either expired or fake:)palm beach tan is the only tanning salon that has survived this economy. so maybe you all have an issue have an issue with it. but alot of people love it which is why its the nations #1 tanning salon:)

keriblu says: (9 years ago)
The salon on 7918 belair rd has one rude blond employee. A couple days in a row there were no goggles provided when you were assigned a bed and room. After all this is what you pay for in your membership. Once i got redressed and ask her for a pair, she snapped saying we have none. People keep stealing them. She offered no immediate resolution but one kind employee found me a pair. However, the blond (no name) started over with me again when I finished tanning. Even telling me i can leave if i dont like it. REAL ATTITUDE problem

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